IWAP and family members are invited to join PCIV's international members on a Snow Tubing trip

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IWAP and family members are invited to join PCIV's international members on a Snow Tubing trip Empty IWAP and family members are invited to join PCIV's international members on a Snow Tubing trip

Post  Admin on Fri Feb 15, 2008 4:08 pm

This message is from Pittsburgh Council for International Visitors. It sounds great. The contact information is on the bottom.

It is time again to go snow tubing. Smile This is a fun activity where we can travel down the snow tube chutes individually or in groups. Sliding down the snow covered hill on tubes is exciting and great for photos if a group or family go down together. Snow tubing is just like sled riding, but instead of a sled, we will use tubes.

You can see what snow tubing is at the following website. http://www.7springs.com/page/category.detail/nav/5027/Snow_Tubing.html

If we have more than 20 people register, I'll have to prepay and reserve our session time so please be sure to register as soon as possible and definitely before the deadline. This is always a fun event and I hope you'll be able to join.

You will want to dress in layers so if you get hot you can take something off and not be uncomfortable. You will want to bring a change of socks or clothing so if you get very wet, you can change into something dry before we drive back to Pittsburgh.

If you do not have snow boots, you may rent a pair at the snow tubing site. A few members have found that snow pants are very useful, and Dick's Sports at the Waterfront usually has them discounted in February if you are interested. Snow pants are not required, but they do keep you warm and dry.

For members with children who may attend, the tubing park is open to children ages 10 and older without adult supervision. Children 4 through 9 must snow tube with an adult.

"We will need volunteer drivers for this activity."
Seven Springs is about a one hour drive east of Pittsburgh. Please let me know if you will be able to drive your vehicle for this activity.

We will meet at the 5th Avenue side of University of Pittsburgh's William Pitt Union building(3959 Fifth Avenue) at 10:45AM and leave at 11:00AM.

Map of Oakland with the William Pitt Union: http://www.umc.pitt.edu/tour/tour-005-map.html , http://www.umc.pitt.edu/tour/tour-005.html.

Some information on snow tubing at Seven Springs Resort.

I look forward to seeing you.


DATE: Saturday, 23 February 2008
REGISTER BY: Thursday, 20 February 2008
TIME: 11:00AM(11:00)
RETURN: 5:00PM(17:00)
TRANSPORTATION: Volunteer Drivers
ADMISSION FEE: Bring it with you on Saturday.
- $18.00 for adults and $14.00 for children 4-11 yrs old. Seven Springs accepts Visa cards for snow tubing.
- $5 for Volunteer Driver.
- Snow boots are available for rental at Seven Springs for $3.
NOTE: Bring $5 to give to your driver. Thank you! Some snacks and drinks are sold on site, but you may want to bring something to drink and eat with you.

First Name: __
Last Name: __
Home Country:__
Phone number:__

First then Last Name (specify Home Country if different from you): __
Total number of people attending the tour (including you): __
Will you drive for this tour (Yes or No):___
If YES, will you drive other members (Yes or No):___
If YES, how many can you fit in your car including yourself: __


Tim Allen
Program Services Director
International Membership Program
Saturday Activities
Pittsburgh Council for International Visitors
425 Sixth Avenue
Suite 1130
Pittsburgh, PA 15219
Tel: 412.392-4513
Fax: 412.392-2411
E-mail: tallen@pciv.org

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