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Post  Frances on Wed Feb 27, 2008 5:14 pm

Hi Ladies:

Hope you are doing well!

In the previous meeting several sign-up sheets have
been circulating with activities that you might be
interested. One of them is a Movie Day.

We need to pick-up a day, how frequent we want to meet
(once a month, twice a week, once a week, etc..) and
last but no least the movie.

Here are a few suggestions of possible activities:

Go to the cinema. Squirell Hill is the closest for
does that doesn't have a car.

Rent a DVD and watch it...

On a budget, we can borrow a DVD from the Carnegie
Public Library for free, or go to CMU (Carnegie Mellon
University) they offer screenings of movies from
Thursday to Sunday, for only $3.00.

Suggestions are welcome.


Frances :-)

P.S. I sent an email to all of you that sign-up in the circulating sheet. However, they were a few that didn't wrote their email and others that I couldn't understand the spelling does are:

Kim May
Kiwako Kawada
Elea ?
Katherine ?
Marie Cendes

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